Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Retro Handmade snagged a team treasury!

We want to say thank you to LiD Designs Boutique, a member of Retro Handmade Team, for snagged this team treasury even though it was being curated by MissKnits. Yes, you heard that right... there was a glitch at the Treasury last week. Both of them snagged this treasury list at same time. They were not the only ones...I heard same thing that has happened to other Etsians.

Those hand-picked items were added by LiD Designs Boutique not knowing it was being curated by someone else. Fortunately, MissKnits was really nice for letting LiD Designs Boutique to keep her hand-picked items on MissKnits' treasury. Thanks! :-)

Treasury Update:
Our 2nd team treasury was expired on September 11, 2008. Sorry for late news. Next time I will let you know right away.

Monday, September 15, 2008

What is Retro Handmade Team?

Retro Handmade is a group of Etsy sellers who specialize in handmade vintage-inspired items that resemble things from the past or create things that have retro vibe. They are brand-new handmade items, not items that we all have had for a long time, which would consider vintage. We also use vintage beads and fabrics to make things with.

We hope to introduce Etsy sellers who would like to bring retro mainstream to the world and share their love of all retro and funky.

Please feel free to visit our members' shops and blogs (their links are listed on the right side navigation bars). Keep your eyes open for upcoming events and new topics to read.
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