Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Featured Member: Anyasgreenbaby

1. What is your shop name? Anya's Green Baby

2. How did you first get started in your craft? I taught myself how to sew in high school because I hated the fashion choices of the day. My grandmother gave me a ton of her vintage circa 1950-60s dresses and skirts so I learned how to alter them for school dances or just looking pretty! That sewing habit evolved into embroidery when I wanted to add to my sweaters and that eventually lead to my baby clothing line and hankies.

3. What inspires you? I LOVE tattoos and retro tattoo art. Many of my designs are based on vintage tattoos. I am also inspired by an organic and eco-friendly lifestyle, I try to live as close to nature as possible.

4. What are your favorite color combinations? I love the combination of orange, aqua, green and brown. Those are the colors repeated through my house and many of my designs.

5. What is your favorite item from your shop? I love my retro owl design so my favorite item is my retro owl hankie.

6. If you had to use three words to describe yourself, what would it be? Over-achiever, teacher, and hippie (but in a good way!)

7. What superpower would you most like to have? The power to divide myself at will into several different me's so I could have one cleaning my house, one teaching my classes, one sewing, one cooking and one sleeping! 

8. What is the first thing you remember creating? I took apart a dress and repurposed it for a winter formal my freshmen year of high school. It turned out beautiful and everyone could not believe it had been an ugly dress before!

9. If you could choose any era/decade to live in, when would that be? Why? I love the fashion and era of the 1930s but I would never want to live through two World Wars so I would pick the 1960s so I could see the Civil Rights Movement, go be a hippie somewhere and my color choices would be totally hip!

10. Where can we find you? (website, blog, etc.) My Etsy store is Anyasgreenbaby.etsy.com. My blog is anyasgreenbaby.blogspot.com/ 
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