Saturday, May 9, 2009

Twy a Twibe on Twitter

What is a Twibe, you ask? Twibes are groups of people on Twitter with a common interest. Instead of wading through all those posts on your home page, you can simply go to a specific Twibe page to read Tweets about a specific topic. Several Twibes are already in effect, and you can search through a list on Twitter to find ones of interest to you: You can also start your own Twibe, as I did for all of you interested in making retro-inspired handmade wares. Just go to to join.

The benefits are really worth the effort, which is only a click of your mouse: you can begin to network with more individuals who share a common interest; you are able to see Tweets relevant to a specific group without having to track them down individually; and, the group itself acts as a marketing tool as it can provide a wealth of information for a larger audience interested in specific content.

If you do indeed decide to join the Retro Handmade Twibe, be sure to include “retro,” “handmade,” or “etsy” in you tags so that they show up on the Twibe’s member page.

I'll be checking in regularly to check out your new posts!

anise mouette

1 comment:

TheEclecticElement said...

Thanks for sharing!!
I just joined one :D

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