Saturday, May 2, 2009

Vote for May '09 Design Challenge: color GREEN

Guess what? This is our first monthly design challenge, and we are excited about showing you our creations for the design challenge and hoping that you would cast your vote for us!

--- This month's theme is COLOR GREEN! ---

Please view our entries before voting:
You can view the entries by visiting our “Favorite Items” page via this link:

How to cast your vote:
To cast your vote by leaving a comment on this blog post or on this Etsy forum thread via this link:

Voting deadline:
The voting deadline is on May 9th at midnight EST (Eastern Standard Time).

Voters’ Prize:
The voters will be featured on the treasury list at Etsy! Who doesn’t like being featured on the treasury list? :-)


Tom said...

I vote for the Retro GREEN GREEN GREEN Button Bouquet by Retro ReDesign.

Chris said...

I like the Retro GREEN GREEN GREEN Button Bouquet the best too.

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