Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Crafty Book Proposal: Your Opportunity for Free Exposure

This isn't so much a "Tip for the Team" as it is an opportunity for team members. In short, I’m putting together a book of kid-themed craft tutorials, which I’m currently accepting for submission from crafters such as yourself. In total DIY fashion, I will compile, edit and self publish this book, and then market it both online and in venues that cater to the handmade community. Revenue from sales will go to publishing costs and if any profit is made it will go to the purchase of baby formula for infants in need. I currently use a portion of all my proceeds to purchase baby formula which I donate regularly to the Foothill Unity Center, a food bank located in my community of Pasadena, California.

Though featured crafters won’t receive financial compensation for their participation in this project, they will have the opportunity to have their work show-cased as well as their name mentioned along with a small bio, picture and contact info in the book, so that all who participate get due credit.

My goal here is to simply contribute to the handmade community by promoting a handful of talented crafters and sharing what they do best with the public.

Interested crafters should send the following to me at
- tutorial
- pictures
- web site
- contact info

Please write CRAFTY BOOK PROPOSAL in the subject line and allow several weeks for response as I anticipate numerous submissions and want to give each one thorough consideration. Thank you for your participation. I look forward to hearing from all of you!


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