Sunday, May 24, 2009

Boost Your Sales by Selling Your Wares at Brick & Mortar Shops

Often, it takes more than just your Etsy shop to get your handmade wares noticed and, ultimately, sold. In addition to selling online, you can do quite well by consigning your items at select brick and mortar shops that cater to crafters. I found a list of such shops on the “links” page of Handmade Galleries, a shop in Los Angeles where I rent a booth to showcase and sell my wares. The list was originally compiled by Oak of Boston. Be sure to check out their website ( and Etsy shop (http://www. as they deserve due credit for taking the time to search out all of these shops. To note, after stumbling upon this list, I was successful in making immediate contact with a handful of shops that are now carrying my retro-inspired tees and totes. Good luck!

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Karen said...

This is a great list! Thank you!

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