Thursday, May 28, 2009

Featured Member: Vurm

1. What is your shop name?
My shop is called vurm, vurm is a Swedish word for obsession, just how I feel for creating.

2. How did you first get started in your craft?
Texil studied in high school many years ago. A few years ago I went to a course in wool felting and discovered that I really wanted to start sewing again. Then I also started blog about sewing and got a lot of encouragement!

3. What inspires you?
I am usually inspired by the fabrics, I buy lots of fabrics in vintage stores and new mostly Japanese. The fabrics, is the biggest source of inspiration.

4. What are your favorite color combinations?
I love all bright colors, and has no favorite combination, but the other day, I combined red/white dots and yellow it was a delight to the eye :)

5. What is your favorite item from your shop?
My favorite..just been sold from my Swedish homepage, so I have deleted it from Etsy, my favorite at the shop right now is a bag sewn of recycled fabrics.

6. If you had to use three words to describe yourself, what would it be?  I am spontaneous, happy and full of ideas.

7. What superpower would you most like to have?
Super Power .. if it can be called super power I would choose not to sleep, I want to have more awake hours of the day.

8. What is the first thing you remember creating?
I remember inherit a couple of large leather pants that I cut apart and sewed a leather jacket of when I was 13? That was probably the first thing I sewed on my own.  But I have always creating, when I was a child I love to paint.

9. If you could choose any era/decade to live in, when would that be? Why?  If I could go back in time it would be 60's, would be very inspiring.

10. Where can we find you? (website, blog, etc.)
You can find me here on Etsy and on my Swedish blog
and my Swedish homepage my blog and my homepage has the translate-tool from google so you can read it in any language.


Deedra said...

I love the featured member interviews :) Thank you for sharing with us Vurm!

Anki på said...
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Anki på said...

Thank you for choosing me as Featured Member!

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